Tom Yum Noodle

Spicy Level: Spicy

Gluten-Free: Yes

Tom Yum Noodle Soup is a noodle soup with Tom Yum broth, which has the combined healthy and soothing flavors of lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, fresh Thai chilies, and fresh lime juice. Tom Yum can be mild or spicy (more Thai chilies).


Choice of Proteins Ingredients Quantity
Chicken Protein 1/4 lb
Shrimp Lemongrass 1 stalk
Tofu Scallion 1
Rice Noodle 2 oz.
Lime 1
White mushroom 1 oz
cilantro 2oz
  Tom Yum sauce 80g




  1. Wash and peel lemongrass into sliced 1 inch 
  2. Wash and thinly cut scallions and cilantro
  3. For white mushrooms, use a damp paper towel or a soft mushroom brush to wipe each mushroom to remove any dirt. Alternatively, lightly rinse the mushrooms with cool water and pat dry with paper towels, but do not soak the mushrooms. Cut the mushrooms into halves or quarters.
  4. Wash and pick kaffir lime leaves by tearing the center stems from the leaves
  5. For chicken and tofu, cut it into bite size. For shrimp, to peel raw shrimp, pull off the head and legs and leave the last tail. De-vein by making a shallow slit down the middle of the back to expose the black intestine (To butterfly, make the slit deeper). Lift out the black vein and rinse it out under cold running water.
  6. Bring a large pot of water. Add noodles and soak until noodles are soft, then drain and rinse.



  1. Cook the rice noodles by dropping them in boiling water, for a few minutes to soften, drain. and transfer to a serving bowl.
  2. Boil water with medium pot at high heat,when water rolling boil hard,add  lemongrass some kaffir lime. Put tom yum sauce in boiling water.
  3. Add chosen protein and give it a stir. When tom yum soup comes to 
  4. When tom yum soup comes to a boil, reduce heat to medium or medium-low and simmer 5 minutes, or until meats is cooked through. 
  5. In a serving bowl, add noodle. Then, ladle in the protein, and the tom yum soup. Squeeze the lime juice into the bowl. Top with the chopped green parts of the scallions you set aside earlier
  6. Add some chopped cilantro. And if you really can’t resist a bit of spice, add a spoonful of  fresh chili.