Sweet & Sour

Spicy Level: Not Spicy

Gluten-Free: Yes

Pad Preaw Wan (in Thai) or Sweet and Sour Pork is influenced by China and Western Europe, but its taste is adapted to Thai tastes. It has unique fruity flavors of pineapple and tomatoes. The dish is popular in Thailand.


Choice of Protiens Ingredients Quantity
shrimp Protein 1/4 lb
tofu Pineapple 1/3cup
Cherry  tomatoes 4-5
Zucchini 1
red bell pepper 1
White Onion 1onion
  S/S Sauce 80g




  1. Pineapple chunk (reserve juice)
  2. Wash and cut red-green  bell pepper,cut into 1 inch diamond shape
  3. wash and Dice or Cube  small  Zucchini  by cutting them into uniform stripe.
  4. Wash Cherry tomatoes
  5. Peel and Wash white onion,cut into diced  coarse 3/4 inch
  6. *To peel raw shrimp,pull off the head and legs and leave the last tail. De-vein by making a shallow slit down the middle of the back to expose the black intestine (To butterfly,make the slit deeper). Lift out the black vein.And rinse it out under cold running water.
    *Tofu cut into diced coarse 1 inch cubes. And heat the oil in a wok over medium heat .Saute the tofu until golden brown on each side.Remove the tofu from the wok and set them aside on a separate plate lined with the paper towels.



  1. Heat a wok over medium high heat.Add oil.
  2. Add Meat or Protein and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes or until Meat cooked through 
  3. Add  onion ,zucchini stir-fry until cooked
  4. Add bell pepper ,pineapple and cherry  tomatoes into a wok and stir-fry for 30 seconds
  5. Add the sweet  and sour sauce to the wok and mix evenly. 
  6. Serve with Rice on the side.