Spicy Level: Not Spicy

Gluten-Free: Yes

Pra Ram dates to the time of King Rama 5, about 140 years ago. Praram is a name for the God Rama, or King Rama, in The Ramkian. The Ramakian is the Thai version of an Indian Hundu epic written 2000 years ago. Thai peanut sauce used in the recipe makes the dish unique with sweet nutty flavors which are highly addictive.


Choice of Proteins Ingredients Quantity
Chicken Protein 1/4 lb
Shrimp Broccoli Rabe 1/8 lb
Tofu Dry roasted peanut halves 1 oz
Chili paste 1tbsp
  Peanut Sauce 80g




  1. Wash and cut brocccoli rabe into florets.
  2. Meat(Protein) wash and cut into bite size pieces .(Chicken).
    *To peel raw shrimp,pull off the head and legs and leave the last tail. De-vein by making a shallow slit down the middle of the back to expose the black intestine (To butterfly,make the slit deeper). Lift out the black vein.And rinse it out under cold running water.
    *Tofu cut into diced coarse 1 inch cubes. And heat the oil in a wok over meduim heat .Saute the tofu until golden brown on each side.Remove the tofu from the wok and set them aside on a seperate plate lined with the paper towels.



  1. Boil water with meduim pot at high heat,when water rolling boil hard,add in cut florets broccoli rabe. Cook for1 -2 minutes or until tender soft Then,using a wire-mesh skimmer,lift it out of water shaking off the excess water, and set aside on plate.
  2. Turn down the heat  and  add Meats (Chicken orShrimp) and  stir gentle for 2 minute or until cooked And,using a wire-mesh skimmer,lift  The Meats out of water shaking off the excess water, and set aside on plate.
  3. Heat a sauce pan with a medium heat ,Then ,Add  PraRam Sauce stirring and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Serving plate  put the rice and place  Broccoli rabe  on the rice,and layer the Meats or Protein over the broccoli rabe. Pour Praram sauce evenly  over the Meats or Proteins Top each serving with 1 teaspoon of Chili paste and topping with Dry roasted peanut halves.