Why cook authentic Thai?

When our founder, originally from Thailand, told people about her idea of founding a meal kit company for authentic Thai cuisine, she was asked the same question by several people as they all believed only Thais would want to cook authentic Thai.

Maybe we should begin our answer with a question – why cook at all?

We believe that, even though their lives are busier, most Americans still cook because cooking is actually fun and distracts them from their busy and complicated lives. Also, most care about their health and so want to make sure they eat healthy by cooking their own meals.

Cooking is also about people in the family spending time together. Do you remember how you felt when your parents or grandparents cooked for you? Love is always on the dining table surrounded by family members.

There was a recent study about cooking habits in 22 countries by market research institute Gfk which claimed Americans spent on average 5.9 hours per week cooking, which is high considering the numerous restaurant and dining options in the country. 35% of U.S. respondents reported that they possess great knowledge about food and cooking (higher than the global average of 29%). Meanwhile, 37% consider themselves "really passionate" about cooking, higher than the international average of 32%.

The above claims are in line with our belief. More people still spend a good amount of their free time cooking because they enjoy it and are proud of what they make and the knowledge they gain from cooking.

And so why cook authentic Thai if you are not Thai?

Asked by several people, our founder was curious and so she walked around her neighborhood in Brooklyn to interview people she randomly met on the street. The one who gave her the most impressive answer was her doorwoman. She cooked for her three children every day and she always tried cooking various kinds of cuisine since she believed it would help her in educating her children about other cultures. Although she loved Thai food, she never cooked Thai, because it was difficult to find ingredients to cook Thai.

When traveling, one of the things most travelers do is try real local food because it is an important part of the visited country’s culture. If you don’t eat local food, it is almost like you aren’t there. What local people eat is based on what they believe, where they live and how they do things.

If you enjoy authentic Thai food, you should try cooking it. Not only it is fun and adventurous, it is also a discovery process that lets you and your family learn more about Thai food, its culture, cooking customs and culinary traditions, which are very different fromt the West. Thai food uses unique ingredients and cooking methods that are enjoyable and worth learning. Learning always drives creativity and passion. Not only you, your loved ones will also love it.  Ready to try? Check out our menu here.