Nothing screams the weekend more than a Bloody Mary and we decided to take our own Thai Spin on it. We included the original version that calls for vodka but have added certain Thai ingredients to really kick up the flavor!  

This recipe yields 2 servings (depending on glass sized used)!

What you’ll need:

½ of a Thai Chili Pepper

3 Oz of Singha Beer

1 Tsp of Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce

1 Whole Lime (Juiced)

1 Tsp of Thai Direct Thai Hot Sauce (or other Thai hot sauce)

2 Tbsp of Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar

3 Oz of Vodka (your choice)

11 oz of V8 Juice

2 Cups of Ice

What to do:

1). In a blender, combine most ingredients (set aside the Singha beer and ice). Blend until all ingredients are combined.

2). Fill both glasses completely with ice and add the blended mixture into the glass at least ¾ of the way.

3). Top each glass with 1.5 oz of the Singha beer then stir, until everything is completely blended.

4). Garnish (optional): Lime wedge and a Thai Chili Pepper.

We really hope you enjoy this delicious and spicy Bloody Mary! Snap a photo or share with us what you thought of this recipe down below!