What are the hot food trends in 2017? Predicting food trends has become an American culinary tradition. We did a research on the food trend predictions made by many food sites, bloggers and National Restaurant Association to see what dishes, ingredients, and practices are expected to shape the culinary landscape in 2017. Here are what we found:

  1. Ethnic foods and global cuisine seem to be everywhere nowadays, especially with the help of adventurous millennials who are increasingly exploring global flavors. As their palates have become more sophisticated, driven by international travel and access to a wider variety of ethnic cuisines right here at home, people are moving away from "Americanizing" dishes and demanding authentic or traditional food.
  1. Trend for ethnic street food continues to grow. Street food has been sold around the world by vendors since ancient times. It serves as a gateway to other cultures, people and places, Its quality of offerings has recently been higher. Thailand and other countries in South East Asia have arguably the most diverse food cultures in the world, with influences from many countries on the spice trail and street food.
  2. Rice is the new base carb food. Rice bowls are no longer foreign and have become a common part of meals. Thailand is one of the world’s top rice producers. One of the most popular rice varieties is Thai rice berry, the new organic whole-grain rice containing high antioxidant content.
  3. Spicy food is getting hotter. It is getting increasingly popular across America.
  4. Home Cooking is hip! It is a healthy way to control your diet and meal quality. Home cooks are increasingly showing off their kitchen skills on social media.
  5. Meal kit industry is growing. Around since 2012, the meal-kit business is growing by leaps and bounds and restaurants are getting in on the action. These packages of pre-measured and prepped ingredients offer consumers the option to prepare meals that bridge the gap between takeout and scratch cooking at home. Not only does the meal kit business make home cooking a lot more convenient, it also helps reduce food waste caused by grocery shopping (or buying too much).
  6. Kale is no longer the hip superfood. The new supergreens are predicted to be other greens that are high in nutrients but bold in flavor – topped the list are dandelion greens and moringa. The leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree, grown in Haiti, parts of Latin America and Africa, are drawing interest from trend watchers for their nutritional content. Another newcomer is seaweed, which is rising in popularity across the country.
  7. Healthy kids’ meals are getting attention. Parents desire to offer kids healthful, nutritious meals that taste great. While burgers and fries are still tops with kids, salads, fruit, whole grains and lean proteins are showing up on menus with increasing frequency.
  8. House-made condiments are experiencing growing popularity. Whether it’s a special type of ethnic hot sauce, sriracha or a made-from-scratch ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise, people are clamoring for it. What's your favorite  Thai hot sauce?
  9. Dragonfruit is the new acai. Dragonfruit is another notable fruit containing powerful antioxidant content.
  10. Plant-based proteins are taking off. Jackfruit is at the top of the list and becoming a very popular substitute for meat.
  11. Asian peasant food growth continues. Peasant food, such as pierogies, dumplings and spring rolls, is still trending.

We believe America continues to follow the trends of healthier, higher quality, more convenient, and more culturally diverse foods in 2017. The food industry and its vehicles will continue to evolve to meet the demands and interests of diners. Thai Direct is committed to catching the hot food trends and bringing authentic Thai food to everyone’s kitchen and dining tables. Check out our menu and recipes today!