Thailand is known for its pristine beaches, tropical weather, and of course youthful beauties.  Shiny hair, glowing skin, and long hard nails are not just a faraway thought anymore. Exotic ingredients that are found in everyday Thai recipes are healthy and have incredible beauty benefits.

Tamarind is the one of the oldest and best kept secrets. Not only does this fruit have a great taste but it is packed full of health benefits and detoxes the liver. For an easy Tamarind DIY face mask to brighten and even your skin tone, just do the following; mix a tablespoon of fresh tamarind pulp along with two tablespoons of organic honey, mix and spread an even layer, wait about 15/20 min then rinse off.

Coconut oil (derived from the meat of a coconut) is finally getting the praise that it deserves with recent trends and beauty followings. Who would have thought that something so common be so tasty and great for your skin. Many women in Thailand use it in the kitchen and have a container in their bathroom cabinet. From applying to your face to remove makeup and applying post shower to all of your problem dry areas, it really is the key to moisturizing without polluting your skin or body.

Lemongrass is not only one of the most common ingredients they use in the kitchen but Thai women know to reap the benefits in the beauty department. This wonderfully scented herb contains antioxidants, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and even effective at flushing out toxins from the body resulting in weight loss. For a simple tea: just steep lemongrass for 3 to 5 minutes and you have yourself a delicious anxiety reducing tea.

Last but certainly not least, there is Galangal, Ginger's closest cousin. This delicious herb is referred to as “The Spice Of Life” it aids in digestion, motion sickness, and even alleviates stomach discomfort and pain. You can find this in Tom Yum soup so fill your belly and reap the health benefits. Now that’s a great way to “kill” two birds with one stone!

Nutrition is the fastest-rising beauty trend around the world. Beautifully healthy skin, hair and nails also come from within. Nutrient-rich ingredients we eat can positively effect our skin, hair and nails' performance and appearance. What we eat is just as important for beauty care as what we apply typically.

Thai Direct delivers Thai meal kits with healthful and exotic ingredients to your home. Happy Eating for Beauty!